Uncomplicated Fx Scalping Entry Strategy Using KiSS System – IML

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In this movie, Kenya points out very simple recommendations for moving into Fx Scalping Significant Likelihood Trades.

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  1. please do you use currency strength meter in your strategy?

  2. Hi Kenya Can you make a live trading video using sheriff strategy..thanks kenya..

  3. I have a $100 account I'm trying to grow

  4. Thanks Kenya. Your strategy has been very useful. I'd like to know if there are other ways you come up with possible trade ideas apart from using the iml web analyzer.

  5. where are you from Kenya?

  6. Kenya thank you so much for this. Really have improved immensely from the very 1st time I stumbled on your channel. Bless your heart!❤
    I do have a minor question and its if you still use Tradersway as your brooker still. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you, Thank you!!

  7. Thank you Kenya for this video! It's helpful in making things clearer re market structure as well

  8. Greetings Kenya. Greatly appreciate your videos. In a previous video on macd, you said we should always wait on the macd to cross as last confirmation before we enter,as the macd minimizes losses and fakeout, but in this video, you said we shouldn't have to wait on macd. it's conflicting. Please kindly clarify.
    Also, in a previous video on KISS, you said you don't look to the M5 timeframe, once you get all four confirmations on M15 TF, you then enter, But in this video, you said you look to the M5 for all four confirmations, and then check also on M15 before you enter. This is also conflicting. Please clarify.

    Many thanks.

  9. Hey Kenya I would like to join your telegram

  10. Trading forex/binary options can be so easy with much earnings when you have the right broker and strategy for your trades, even as a newbie, i have had a good experience with $10k weekly earnings because Mr Scott Adrian is my account manager, his strategy is the best and can never be compared to another.

  11. What made you modify the sherriff strategy to KISS

  12. Bless Up Sister Thanks a Lot…………….. AND IT'S ALL FREE…….. A Thousand Blessings to you and your Fam

  13. You honeslty made me see things clearly can I join the team how much does it cost

  14. I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! You guys are always bringing the SAUCE!!!! I love these folks

  15. Thanks Kenya!….Blessings to you

  16. Thanks Sis Kenya for this wonderful video again. God bless the day I met you. Regards to the family.

  17. Mt4.var. that's the one you use? Please let me know

  18. Do we have to be a part of your IML team to learn your strategy? I'm asking because I'm already in IML on Dr. Spillers team but I'd like to learn other strategies also.


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