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Certainly this is a very long video clip but you see a Raw reside stream particularly what its like to productively day trade reside in the stock marketplace! I am the only individual that trades reside every day and that is only for the Master Approach Revenue workforce! I actually hope you master some thing new and conclusion the week on a environmentally friendly note!

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DISCLAIMER: Make sure you note that i do not inquire for any information and facts. I constantly motivate our customers to trade ONLY what you comprehend and never based on anyone’s view. My films are for amusement reasons only.any queries to message me as i would love to be a part of your achievements.




  1. what are those 4 lines in the chart called ? i want to use it !

  2. Hi ! subtitle your videos in french please

  3. VERY NICE!)

  4. How do you set up the alerts on think or swim so its that triangle to the price stock and not a line across?

  5. yo ricky i just want to thank you for getting me into trading i trade forex an made 8K yesterday in 1 day :O i never thought it was possible

  6. so if you trade with a cash account, you have to wait 3 days for the cash to settle. what does that even mean? Don't get your profit back for those days?, or wait 3 days for the order to go through? Im confused

  7. Good

  8. Great work today Ricky.

  9. Was up like 45% this week
    RSI,MACD, VWAP doing fine
    Appreciate your help
    Thanks Ricky…..

  10. RICKY, I have gotten into trading really recently and I’m wondering which video of yours should I watch if I’m a complete beginner who wants to day trade too.

  11. Hey ricky do you trade with a margin accoint?

  12. Could you make a video talking about how trumps plan to double down on natural gas could affect the corresponding ETFs?

  13. good profit for a Friday. right Ricky

  14. Bendiciones Venezuela Maracaibo fe forex

  15. Market just closed I just made $2,300 dollars in less than 30 mins off PSTV during the last hour of the day, plus earlier today I made a recovery of $3,324 from APPS, which I was down 4K when at open. What a blessed day!

  16. Can you tell me what software your using?

  17. your words always helpful……………………thanks

  18. I didn't even have to watch this video to know what you made money on.


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