South Africa's Youngest Forex trader – Trading News live (EURUSD) 21 January 2016

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So on the 21 January 2016 during some fundamentals in the market I decided to record my self about to trade some news that were coming up and I should my analysis and the results live on the video trading a live account on there.

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  1. do you have 6 months of real account history to back up your claims?

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  3. hy ricky what broker are you using?

  4. Thanks for video hoping to understand your strategy, thanks all the same.

  5. Unless you simply misspoke, poor US data would fundamentally result in a LONG move on the EUR/USD…not a short. The US released good and bad news at that time, so it appears this downward move was only a delayed channel breakout triggered by enhanced post-news volitility…which was more of a success in chance, since it could have broken long or short.

  6. the actual come up lower than the expected expected and u said usd is weak how com cos also the move confirmed strong bearish move

  7. im inspired to fire baba olwethu ryt here

  8. Do you teach people how to trade forex

  9. hi, i want to know one good latest forex news providing website.

  10. any idea why euro/us isn't moving much today?


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