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In this online video, you will master three common options investing approaches that are suited for novices with actual trade examples and visualizations.

Even though there are dozens of options investing approaches available, we have chosen three approaches that we assume are excellent starter approaches for novice options traders. Furthermore, 1 of the approaches is a excellent way for very long-time period stock buyers to use options in their portfolios to reduce danger and perhaps enrich the returns of passive investments.

System #1: Selling Place Spreads

Selling place spreads is a excellent starter strategy since the trade can be applied with quite small cash, has bullish marketplace publicity (which most buyers want), and a significant probability of income.

To master all the specifics and dangers associated to offering place spreads, be sure to observe our online video on the strategy: https://youtu.be/ZTgPxXg41-Y

System #two: Selling Iron Condors

Selling iron condors is the next novice strategy mentioned in the online video. The iron condor is a excellent options investing strategy for novices since it is a non-directional trade with constrained danger.

To master all the specifics and dangers associated to offering iron condors, be sure to observe our online video on the strategy: https://youtu.be/UlO2I0s1Kl0

System #3: The Coated Contact

Coated calls are far more cash intensive than the initial two approaches, but are suitable for very long-time period buyers who desire to use options to hedge their passive investments, with the opportunity to enrich returns in the course of boring marketplace periods.

For all the specifics and dangers associated to protected calls, test out our strategy online video: https://youtu.be/I4suNFhxepM

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  2. good and insightful, appreciate it! keep it up!

  3. Put like, the video is very useful for me…

  4. These might seem like dumb questions but with the short put spread, you're actually opening two different positions and placing 2 separate orders correct?? Also if the share price rises significantly wouldn't the gains be offset by the put you bought at the lower strike price??

  5. Watching this video a year later and wishing I could have had Netflix at 139

  6. Bro, u r awsm , God Bless U

  7. Wow I love it! very interesting, what software do you use to analyze these?

  8. Hi I will like to know if you have a video for a butterfly option strategy? And what you think about it…..thanks

  9. Thank very much, your videos are great. One question: Are selling put spread and vertical credit spread the same strategy?

  10. On your first two examples. You need to address what 's your potential maximum loss against your potential maximum gain. If the risk reward is not conducive in your favor. The reward ratio wouldn't make sense. Example: To make $150.00 for max gain versus to $600.00 of possible loss.

  11. Way too complicated never said how you got the put you plan to sell to buy a different one try dumbing it down if you would

  12. Why not buy a put option instead of selling a call which will be cheaper

  13. This probably wont get answered but im gonna shoot my shot. Trading spreads still exposes you for the risk of getting assigned at anytime…is there anyway to avoid this? Like do you recommend i take the loss and close the spread if my short is ITM for the buyer to avoid getting assigned?

  14. Hi Thank you for this very informative content.  Can you tell me what platform you are using?

  15. This is probably a silly question, but in the spreads and iron condor, why not just buy the strikes that are severely OTM since we can almost guarantee the stock will remain in a certain range? For the iron condor example in the video, why not buy a the 170 and strikes for the 165 call spread and the 110 and 105 strikes for the put spread? I guess I don’t understand the downside to this

  16. Nice vid, i have a question here, if i sell an option do i need to wait till its expiration to make money? Or i can close that positions at anytime?

  17. I’ve watched a LOT of options videos while trying to educate myself on these concepts and strategies. This is BY FAR the best I’ve seen. You not only explain the concepts, you show theoretical AND real-life examples, which solidifies the information. My only suggestion, if I had one, is not only explain the $197 premium gain on the put profit potential on the iron condor, but explain the profit potential on the call side. That would have helped fill a void in my brain. Either way, very well done. Thank you. I’ll be checking out all videos.

  18. Great explanation video.

  19. This might sound dumb, but how can you sell a contract that you never had then buy another one? It doesnt make sense to me, im very new into this. Thanks

  20. Great video for fresh meat


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