Price alert and sound repeat alert – Metatrader 4 & Metatrader 5

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In this video I was using Trading box Technical analysis

MT4 download:
MT5 download:

Everything for MT4 MT5 Technical Analysis in one tool
Quick tip: Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline. For professional supply demand trading
MT4 price alert and MT4 MT5 mobile alert in one tool.
Metatrader 4 trading forex
Metatrader 5 trading forex

1. Extend rectangle and trendline into future – Trend Support Resistance
Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is MT4 rectangle extender or trendline extender

2. Price alert MT4 MT5 with mobile push notification phone alert
2.1. Alert will be triggered when price will touch extended rectangle or extended horizontal trendline

2.2. Trendline alert MT4 MT5 is available for rayed trendline (angled trendline, trend alert, trend break alert, trendline break alert)

3. Engulf alert with mobile push notification
Alert will be triggered when price will break rectangle supply demand zone

4. Candle Close alert with mobile push notification
Alert will be triggered when candle will close ouside of the rectangle. Extended trendline and ray trendline have the same Close button

5. Sound repeat after Alert, Engulf or Close
R button will enable you repeat alert sound every few seconds (you can set repeat interval in seconds with sound_repeat_seconds_interval)

6. MT4 Risk reward ratio calculation tool
Risk reward ratio calculation for extended rectangle that are used for supply demand zone

7. Trendline compression tool and Flat trendline button
Mark compression zone on the chart, like price action zone. If you click on Flat button then trendline will become horizontal flat.

8. Rectangle origin position focus
Function that will show origin of selected rectangle in the middle of the chart when button @ is clicked

9. Horizontal break line price
Function will search first horizontal line break in chart history on the left

10. Object timeframe visibility
Set object timeframe visibility with LTF, MTF and HTF buttons

11. Object color change
Quickly change color for selected object with color button click, like color level or color levels.

Smart Rectangle Extender
Rectangles and Trendlines will be extended into future with one click. Rectangle size, name and prices will be displayed around rectangle or trendline.

Risk Reward Ratio Calculation
Trader can use risk reward calculation to decide if trade is profitable enough. You can manually drag horizontal line and risk reward with pip count will be displayed as text on horizontal line.

Price and Engulf Alert
Price Alert and Engulf detection in Rectangle extender are supported with MT4 MT5 mobile push notifications. Stay notified about market events.

History search functions
Trader can use history search functions with rectangle or horizontal line. Function will search break of the line in chart history or rectangle origin in history.

How to place MT4 MT5 price alert and sound repeat alert, readthemarket, ifmyante
This extended rectangle or Zone Extender can be used like color level or color levels advanced rectangle tool. It can be used as order block rectangle alert. Many traders use it as consolidation box for breakout alert or break alert. Trend alert and Line alert is very useful. It works nicely with Forex Trade Manager, Trade Assistant, naked forex, Easy Trade Manager, Draw Horizontal Ray, Smart Ruler, Order Block Breaker, Quick Order Tool.

This is only my view of market. Use your brain and knowledge and then trade by your own. I am not responsible for anyone losses when trading.
RISK DISCLOSURE for Trading box tools:
RISK DISCLAMER: This video is made for educational purpose only. It expresses my personal opinion only and I am not responsible for any losses incurred due to your trading or anything else. Trading financial markets involves risk and is not suitable for everyone. I do not take any responsibility for your losses in anyway. In trading the only person that is responsible for losses is yourself. Because of that any of the shared information does not guarantee you success in your trading.


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