Scalping Strategy Course (DVD + Online) - $299.00

In the much anticipated Forex Scalping Strategy Course, Vic and Sarid show you short-term focused techniques and strategies to make quicker profits while reducing market exposure.

Forexmentor Coach's Corner First Month (Online) - $149.00

The Coach's Corner offers 2 live sessions per week, an integrated approach to trading, FREE access to the VicTrade video course and Darko's Pattern Trading Video Lessons.

LIVE FOREX STREAMS everyday Monday to Friday from 6:30AM EST – 9AM EST. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask any questions or post charts for feedback. Please keep in mind this stream is for educational purposes ONLY.

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0:00 Stream start
6:00 GJ Analysis
9:00 Gold Analysis
10:00 YouTube Chart Review
12:00 GJ Buy Idea
13:45 Thoughts on FTMO
19:20 Eurusd Analysis
23:30 Celery Play Education
25:30 YouTube Chart Review
26:21 Education on resistance at all time highs
28:00 YouTube Chart Review
30:00 US30 Analysis
33:00 How to find an Algo day
37:40 GJ Sell Idea
39:50 YouTube Chart Review
46:12 YouTube Chart Review
48:00 YouTube Chart Review
50:00 How to trade NFP like Don
53:00 Education on celery play cont.
53:45 Talking Charts and answering questions
58:30 YouTube Chart Review
59:30 GJ Sell Idea
1:04:00 Education on Gold pips
1:07:50 GJ Sell Idea
1:13:00 Controllerfx Course Info
1:15:00 Entering on the flips of a candle
1:17:20 USCAD Analysis
1:18:00 Why to only trade 2-3 pairs
1:19:45 Best tip for new traders
1:21:00 GJ Buy Idea
1:22:00 Dons workout schedule
1:29:30 GJ Buy Idea
1:30:25 YouTube Chart Review
1:32:45 Doge Coin Analysis
1:34:20 XRP Analysis
1:35:00 Talking Charts and answering questions
1:38:45 YouTube Chart Review
1:39:30 Talking Charts and answering questions
1:53:20 GU Analysis
1:55:19 GJ Buy Idea
1:57:45 YouTube Chart Review
2:00:00 Watching NFP
2:02:30 Gold Buy Idea
2:03:30 Watching NFP waiting for a position
2:06:20 Gold Buy Idea
2:07:00 GJ Sell Idea
2:07:30 Watching NFP waiting for a position cont.
2:17:00 Why to not trade news
2:18:30 Gold Buy Idea
2:24:00 Talking charts, Answering questions and watching NFP ( NO FOMO!)
2:30:45 Gold Buy Idea
2:32:50 Talking charts, Answering questions and watching NFP ( NO FOMO!) cont.
2:45:30 Gold Buy Entry
2:47:20 Moved SL to B/E Closing 50% leaving runners to TP
2:49:45 Gold hits SL at B/E
2:53:00 Education on risk management
2:56:00 Vibeing out and waiting for a position


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