My Divergence Investing Method Defined (Stay Currency trading Trade)

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  1. I predicted a rise of roughly 70 pips for this week's market, starting roughly today. Let's see.

  2. You sir are one of the worst traders in the world, I’ve had downlines back when ai global was a thing and every single signal you put out was a loss, please don’t endorse people to your telegram it’ll only make them lose money and get them confused

  3. It Can Go up or down woow great xD how you habdle it in realtime wehere is your sl and much more Information are Important to trade your strategy.

  4. How many times do expect the resistance or support to be touched for the pair to break the support or resistance?

  5. hey justin ~

    really like it and following you a couple days ago

    i’m still confusing your strategy with obv

    seems like your enrty time frame is four hour higher time fram is using daily time frame ?

    would you consider obv strategy with daily time frame or you just use that technic with entry time frame 4hours?
    also daily time frame how big would you room out to Identify and 4hours time frame with obv strategy?

    because i only saw obv was on consolidation

    would you draw any SR levels to take profit and stop loss ?

    or do you just following the trend line like you did on video

  6. trade is in profit

  7. Please what is your win rate with this your strategy

  8. Who evers read trading in the zone knows how simple yet complex trading can be which it is for u Will depend on u as a person

  9. 0:41 What platform are you using on the mobile?
    I see a lot of people using this app/platform! 🙂

  10. Look carefully on the 1 hr timeframe its creating a rounding bottom or H/S , its gonna long for 1 hrs . Oh yeah hehe i forgot to tell you divergence on the obv 4hr time frame =long

  11. From my strategy it’s gonna be a buy for EURO/USD

  12. I use Bollinger Bands

  13. Which broker do you use

  14. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  15. Where are you located. Am in New York and looking for the best broker to use for my Forex

  16. this is such bs don't listen to this guy you will loose money he doesn't know what he's talking about

  17. Hi my friend the video and your style is simple and beautiful continued without complication

    I have another opinion that the euro will rise and the first resistance is at 1.10176 and then we will test the strength of the modern trend if we break through the channel we will see 1.10974

  18. So I decided too add the OBV on my chart, and what I found is that it's very similar to the RSI indicator that I use. If anyone is wondering I have my RSI set to 10 period. And I do exactly the same thing, if the RSI is above 70 which is considered overbought then I sell, if it's lower then 30 which is oversold or has high volitlity then I buy.

  19. Thanks for sharing this, keep going, watching you from Saudi Arabia

  20. I live price action as here https://youtu.be/lZa6PPRtU64

    Divergence great as well


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