Metatrader five is NOT an improve to Metatrader 4!

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Several have questioned what is actually the large offer about upgrading from Mt4 to Mt5. Well as you will see in this video clip, it’s not quite that simple. Several CAN NOT modified to Mt5 simply because it is not appropriate with there current software package or buying and selling system.

In this video clip I give a brief history of Metaquotes and their software package releases to this level. Hopefully right after looking at this video clip you will comprehend why it’s not basically a subject of “upgrading” your software package… Far from it….

Most of this info is just what I was ready to place together from various article content and wikipedia facts. There are some excellent article content on the world-wide-web if you glimpse all-around. In this article is just one that is about a yr outdated…

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  1. Maybe is time to revise this video ?? 🙂

  2. I beg you make MQL5 tutorial … How to create a custom indicator EA …please sir

  3. Great video

  4. But they will end the support to mt4. So we must be get along with mt5

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  6. I paid for module 1 but not been able to reach the content

  7. @jimandy1958 can you help me with a problem I have in mt4, when I use the strategy backtester now in the latest versions I am not getting any live update. There is no updating graph like normal that shows the trades as the EA places the orders. How to fix this? I have downloaded the history data many times but it never changes.

  8. exceptional information Jim many thanks.

  9. I think this MT5 build 1490+ is faulty !
    here is another bug :))))

    passing this first problem , I tested the ObjectMove function , and again I am getting TRUE result too!

    with ObjectMove on an object that is not available it should return false!

    moveResult=ObjectMove(ChartID(),"not available trend line",1,time[4950],low[4980]);


    2016.12.11 17:22:39.367 Far-Test-ChangeTrendLine (EURUSD,H1) 44-moveResult=true

  10. I think I found another bug in MT5 in ObjectDelete results !

    you can see different results in simple line of code in mt4 and mt5!
    what ever you delete , the result will be always true !

  11. Come on MQL, you are trying too hard with MT5! You knew what we wanted, give us backward compatibility!

  12. In Brazil recently the largest brokers(XP Corretora and Rico Corretora) have released access to trading through metatrader 5

    For you to have an idea, in facebook there is a group called "Metatrader Experiences(2)" with +8,500 members And there is other groups of expert advisors developers (eg: robos investores(3)) With +4.000 members as well and growing

    Has a large and needy market here (BOVESPA)

    I signed your channel for some time and would like content directed to metatrader 5

    Thanks Jim for sharing yours
    thoughts about it
    Cheers from a Brazilian Fan! Peace

  13. I loved the new snappy intro music. What MetaQuotes is doing with MT4 is bull and "fertilizer". Great brain dump on MT4 vs MT5.

  14. I tried to download a fresh copy of MT4 a few days ago and even though the link clearly indicated MT4 the setup program loaded MT5 instead. I tried downloading 3 different times and the only way I was able to get MT4 was to use a previous MT4 setup file. If this is intentional on Metaquotes part, we may be seeing the end of MT4. Maybe someone should try to create a wrapper for existing code?

  15. the worst thing in mql5 is that they set Time not as timeseries by default. so when converting mt4 indicator to mt5 you should think of loops and cycles and array sizes and limit again 🙁

    also in writing a mt5 I couldn't get same results as mt4 , even on daily chart. I searched and found that in my mt5 history some times it has sunday candles !

    this is mt4 : ( time series active by default )
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=0Time[0]=2016.12.08
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=1Time[1]=2016.12.07
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=2Time[2]=2016.12.06
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=3Time[3]=2016.12.05
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=4Time[4]=2016.12.02
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=5Time[5]=2016.12.01
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=6Time[6]=2016.11.30
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=7Time[7]=2016.11.29
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=8Time[8]=2016.11.28
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=9Time[9]=2016.11.25

    this is mt5 : ( time series disable by default ) – I limited my chart history to 5000 candles.
    (EURUSD,D1)390-i=4999 | #0 | Time[4999]=2016.12.08
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4998 | #1 | Time[4998]=2016.12.07
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4997 | #2 | Time[4997]=2016.12.06
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4996 | #3 | Time[4996]=2016.12.05
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4995 | #4 | Time[4995]=2016.12.02
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4994 | #5 | Time[4994]=2016.12.01
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4993 | #6 | Time[4993]=2016.11.30
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4992 | #7 | Time[4992]=2016.11.29
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4991 | #8 | Time[4991]=2016.11.28
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4990 | #9 | Time[4990]=2016.11.25

    so the first 10 candles are the same.
    now see difference in 2000 candles :
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=1998Time[1998]=2009.04.21
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=1999Time[1999]=2009.04.20
    mt5 :
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=3001 | #1998 | Time[3001]=2009.11.08
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=3000 | #1999 | Time[3000]=2009.11.06

    more than 5 month difference on daily candles ! I was wondering why the array values are different and found this issue.
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4951 | #48 | Time[4951]=2016.10.03
    !!!!!(EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4950 | #49 | Time[4950]=2016.10.02 –> its sunday !
    (EURUSD,D1) 390-i=4949 | #50 | Time[4949]=2016.09.30

    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=48Time[48]=2016.10.03
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=49Time[49]=2016.09.30
    EURUSD_e,Daily: 143-i=50Time[50]=2016.09.29

    2-the other problem is that lots of mql4 functions are not available in mql5 ! like iMAonArray. and the equivalant function in their guide has lots of cycles that cause too much cpu usage.

    3-mql5 does not give proper error on available array buffers number. for example in mql4 when we set
    #property indicator_buffers 6
    then define 8 buffers. it will return error.

    in mql5 it simply don't use last 2 buffers and doesn't return error to find out it is not using them !

    4-in mql5 charts suddenly disappear with simple coding problem. and you won't have that data table to see the arrays . all hide and does not return error !

    and so many other problems I faced in testing my first 3 mql5 indicators! its awful.


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