MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Beginners Tutorial by Vladimir Ribakov

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How to trade using the MT4 platform? Learn the basics and advanced tips on how to use the meta trader 4 platform with this short video.

This video will teach you:
* How to install the MT4 platform
* How to open MT4 demo or real account
* How to setup your trading environment inside the MT4 Platform
* How to navigate the MT4 platform – Basic and Advanced tips
* How to open a trade inside MT4
* How to use common features of MT4 such as Fibonacci Expansion tool, Fibonacci Retracement tool and more
* How to install a custom indicator to MT4
* MT4 keyboard shortcuts

For any questions please leave a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible!

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I wish you a wonderful trading week!

Vladimir Ribakov



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  2. Hi Vlad,  just a question:  Navigator box in my MT4 has became wider then normal.. I meant it is actuallt from top left to top right side of screen… nad not possible for me to dind out a way to re-size as normally it was .  Do you know to get it narrow to a normal left side on the screen..??  Thx  a looooot…!!!!

  3. This the best guide I must confess
    It's detailed
    Thank you

  4. right bottom corner in Oanda I dont see the latency and using other MT4 from ally or forex I do see it
    what could it be?

  5. How to stop the chart from snapping back to the right, while pulling it left to see its history?

  6. Great job. Thank you.

  7. step by step am in..thank you for EXPLAINING the interface

  8. How can i transfer the money i make in metatrader 4 ?

  9. Have an expert trade for you, that’s the best I must confess.


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