1. i was one of his team members about 2 years ago, i also traded his signals but most member were losing money because of his signals, i dont understand how Marcos is making his money because his trading style is way to risky, most of the time he is taking trades with more than 50 lots to getting only 10 pips on a 1 hour time frame… how risky is that
    He is learning people to trade on a 1H and 4h time frame wich is totally not accurate, now im trading on a daily and make much more consistent money

  2. Omg I fricking knew this guy was shady, where do I even start his whole channel is boasting about how much money he makes and giving advice lmao look at these trading skills, he's so confident about his trades that he can't even let them go for more than a few hours, and the lot sizes I really think he has no idea what he's doing oO'. God I feel bad for you & it's cool to see you call him out on his bs. You need to look for real information, it is very scarce on Youtube, just a bunch of "advertisements" for failure, if you still want to trade… go do some research, find forums, social medias for pro traders, and trade yourself on a demo account, no legit trader will sell you a "course" or "signals", everything is out there and free.

  3. So many people lost money with his trade copier.


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