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Oussama (Fx220 Founder) is an Specialist Currency trading Trader and Mentor experienced by a Skilled Institutional Trader/Mentor, Equiped with Stable know-how about Market Conduct/Psychology and Market Maker Tricks, Equally Specialized and Fundamental investigation on Bigger/Smaller sized timeframes. With the purpose to aid strengthen the state of mind of retail traders and that ended up bombarded with untrue and garbage details and Education and learning about Currency trading Investing. And rework them into Phenomenal Successful Traders!

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Trade 1% of your account, have a 1:3 Chance/Reward ratio and you will nonetheless make dollars if you have a 32% profitable approach, HAHA You would need to have a $2,000,000 account to see significant returns…

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  1. What indicators would you recommend?

  2. Thanks , when did u start , how long did it take you to start earning profits consistantly ?

  3. I can not find isession indicators on my mt4 ?

  4. bro in EURUSD I follow your step 1-2-3-4-5 the ABC then it should go down but no it goes up !!!

  5. by the way…time for another vid …keep em comin 🙂

  6. hi bro…love the vids, and been watching for some time now….great education and def a stressless trading style. I have always wondered what pairs you trade with this style…maybe 28 crosses are too many to watch when trading off a 15min chart…majors only maybe? Love to hear what pairs you trade with this coolio strategy 🙂

  7. Dear Oussama, I am one of your follower. One question here. Do you take Medium impact news into consideration before taking a trade?

  8. nice video. i am learning to use M, W and head and shoulder patterns. do you use any other patterns?

  9. Here's a problem I can see in forex trading, you go in with your home country currency and you go out with it, but you're trading it against other currencies, which have pretty similar volatility to your home currency. Wouldn't it make more sense to trade your home currency against something with much higher volatility, like say BTC? What would the point be in trading two things against each other when neither is much more stable than the other? It would make it close to gambling, would it not? An example of two other things being too similar in volatility would be trading BTC against ETH. It's a much less volatile pair than either BTC/USD or ETH/USD, so the logical thing to do would be to trade the USD pairs of one or the other rather than the BTC/ETH pair. You would need to trade two dissimilar things instead of two similar things, I would think. That way one of them gives you a solid base to trade the other from.

  10. Hi could you please checkout FB? or reach me at caska313@gmail.com

  11. Messaged you on your FX220 Facebook group man. Great videos

  12. I am losing money and I keep losing money. Year after year. That’s a tough life

  13. Nice one. would like to know more….

  14. Hi how do you join your mentorship programme please?

  15. Amazing …looking forward to see the next video ….

  16. amazing job excellent analysis

  17. Good jop

  18. what is your risk amount per trade? i.e. how many pips or dollars on averge do you risk? and whats your risk to reward ratio?


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