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———————————————— READ FIRST!! ————————————————
1) The *Red/White Sun* Symbol means there will be Long trends next, If let say the “Red Sun” appears from above of candles, there will be a long “SELL” trend next. Same as “White Sun” appears from the bottom of the candles, there will be a long “BUY” trend next.
2) Do Not IGNORED “✂️” Icon!!! This ✂️ icon refers to “Support Resistance”, It will be transformed into the White/Yellow Horizontal line once it confirms.
3) *Green & Red* line bellow each graph works same like *Sun* symbol, once it’s Cross between Green & Red line, it will show next trend either “BUY” (Green Arrow) or “SELL” (Red Arrow). If u want to get sharp entry, u may open trade once the arrow comes out match with other arrow. For example: the line shows ↑ arrow & u need to match ↑ arrow in the main graph.

In My Advice: Buy it when ** Sun + ✂️ + ↑**,
Sell it if ** Sun + ✂️ + ↓**

************************ TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK ************************
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