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UPDATE: 1st challenge ended with 10 000 STAKED FTT (Around $500 000) 2nd Challenge Started April 22 2021
What you are watching here is me trying to make a cool million dollars starting with $50 000 (Jan 5th 2021) with a strategy where I use perpendicular trend lines, zones, support/resistance and fib retracements. I try to enter a trending market after a retrace where I have a confluence of signals from my indicators. I trade mostly cryptos these days and I do it every day of the week because I can. After all, the Crypto market never closes!

Important message for anyone new to trading:
Trading is hard. No, trading is VERY hard. 95% of traders lose money. Risk management is key. Do not risk more than 1 to 2% of your trading account on each trade. Never trade with money that you cant afford to lose because you will most likely do just that. Copying my trading will get you nowhere. Get inspired by what I do, learn and then apply by executing your own trades after doing your own technical analysis.

The exchange I trade at:

-Where are you from and how old are you?
I live and trade in a small city north of Montreal, Canada and I’m 45.

-How long have you been trading for?
I’ve been trading for 10+ years, mostly Forex.

-Do you use a stop loss?
With Forex I always did but with crypto very often I don’t. I know where I want to get out and I will exit from losing trades at a certain point but because the liquidity is often thin in crypto I don’t want to trigger a SL that will be filled badly.

-Do you provide trading education for people that would want to follow your path?
Most of what I do can be analyzed and replicated by watching the stream. I would recommend that you watch vids from these 2 channels that have been an inspiration for me in creating my trading method:
Conquer Trading & Investing – Wicks don’t lie

-How long do you usually keep your trades open?
I am a swing trader. Trades are mostly closed between 1 to 5 days from opening.

-What will you do when you get to $1 000 000?
I will start a new challenge and continue to stream it.

-What is happening with the TARGET HIT! project?
We are currently building a website where you’ll be able to watch all of Ricks individual charts and much more. The TGH token will be relaunched at the same time so stay tuned!

-How can you be contacted?
By email: rick (a)

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