Information-Pushed Fx Scalp Investing Technique on the 1-Moment Chart

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How to scalp trade the forex trading current market following a news occasion investing the 1 moment chart

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  1. Hi for long time u didn't upload new video I missed u r video upload new video thanks

  2. Hi. Thanks for the video.
    How do you know that the Canadian data was going to print positive?
    What if the Canadian data printed worse? then GBP/CAD wouldn't go down. Right?

  3. Yolanda, first of all, thanks for all your free tips ( really valuable info), you make simple what others make complicated, I love to trade important news, volatility and quick money, plus, you know the reason why its happening and the time to play it, but I was wondering If there´s any other way to make money in Forex, I´ve seen the currencys moving huge without any important calendar news, but I feel afraid to play them considering the fact that I´m playing something that I just don´t know how will move in the next 2- 5min or 3 provide you both the fundamentals and the technical analisys ( and pshycology) both together in an specific time frame, any of your videos¿?, thanks again Yolanda! Alex.

  4. Your videos are on point! Love them.


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