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How To Use Scripts to Area Trades and Orders in MT4



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How To Use Scripts to Area Trades Orders in MT4 to pace up the buying and selling method. Bonus script to delete all objects bundled far too.

Downloads the scripts right here:

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  1. Brilliant scripting chap. If it's no trouble at all, are you able to please add a Trailing StopLoss function to the scripts?

  2. Very good Curtis. I've been trading 11 years and I picked up plenty of valuable information. Only 494 views? Whats the matter with people? Keep up the good work.

  3. Where did you learn to code in MT4? I'm doing a software development degree but getting started in MT4 is a little confusing coming from a C/C++ perspective because there doesn't seem to be a starting point like main()?

  4. These scripts are good. What is the chances you can modify the number of lots to be auto calculated as 1% of your account value?


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