Should Look at: three Causes Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]



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Good day Crypto Neighborhood!
Let’s talk about the newest Ethereum. Issues get authentic!!

Now I want to talk about:

BitMEX CEO Phone calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether (ETH) Cost Below $a hundred

Traders Test To Reason Why ETH Is Capitulating So Intensely

DAPP Capitulation:

Plasma Money: new Scalability solution for the Ethereum Community



Observe us in this article:

Huge Issues are happening. Look at the movie.

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  1. Is Ethereum AltaVista or is Ethereum Google? Or is it Bing?? What do you guys think???

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  3. ETH won't be gone any time soon, but it might be obsolete in 7-10 years.

  4. Jump to 10:38 to find out the three reasons

  5. I usually agree with everything you say except for this subject. I think it might pump short term but I think ETH is a dying entity for several reasons. Some call it FUD but I call them reality. I'm buying XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS, and C20 which is an index of the top 20. Thanks for the great info

  6. Is EOS sell there ETH…Well ETH is done

  7. Best site I see to check how ETH AND OTHER are working to the Blockchain it's amazing how much STRESS ETH Endure compare it to EOS witch as 0.37% cpu stress and ETH 100% with 74,898 Unconfirmed transaction
    CHECK IT OUT and you will see WHY EOS is the #1

  8. It is likely that a new generation blockchain with better tech will make Ethereum obsolete but this may not happen for some time since Ethereum has good traction currently.

  9. BitMex CEO bashing ETH, yet that's the same guy who claimed BTC would see 50k this year which would counter his opinion that ETH will go under 100$…
    Def wouldn't take his word for anything. However i do agree there are issues with Ethereum.

  10. News Flash Sirin Labs issues crypto tickle tape for HODLers


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