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A dwell Currency trading trade on GBPUSD.

This movie addresses a recent Currency trading trade working with my incredibly individual price tag action approaches. The movie consists of my investigation, entry and exit. The Currency trading trade was taken on the 1 hour time-body.

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  1. Hai sir i have question about price action how.i will contact you ? If you guide me it really help full sir
    Thank you

  2. plz make som intraday trade analysis .

  3. Hi Sam,
    I think this was great, you showing a trade that did not work out as it should. Many guys want to be right 100% of the time and do not actually consider the thought that this is more or less a statistics game – tipping the odds in your favor.
    It may not look nice and pretty in the eyes of some people – when a trading educator shows how his strategy did not work out as planned, but I think showing the real side of trading and how it really is, is the best thing you could do.

  4. Stop of 10 pips 🙂 very funny

  5. Sam thanks for sharing. It would be nice to see more 🙂
    I dont feel comfortable when I can see such a big candle like in this example thats why I try to avoid such trades.

  6. Hi Sam, I like seeing how your trades play out live very few seem Tobe that transparent, but you said your stop loss was ten pips and your profit ended up four pips I know that was so you had break even trade and not a loss, but what size lot do you actually trade to set such a small stop loss in the first place I've been using trading 212 and xm demo accounts and my minimum stop losses are always so high ie 52 pips on xm. If your lots sizes are so small how do you make any Money?🤔


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