Can Central Banking institutions Do the job with Crypto!? | Keiser Report



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Cryptocurrency 24 hrs 24/7 news
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  1. Why use bitcoin when you can use XRP? Much faster transfers (4 sec. vs 10min-16h if network is heavily loaded), much lower fees, a fraction of a $ cent vs. $3-60 for Bitcoin depending on network load. Makes absolutely no sense to use Bitcoin.

    Also, I think the guy was a little bit off around Central banks in developing countries following USA just for the sake of it – they have to raise interest rates in tandem with USA because of currency outflows absolutely decimating the value of their local currency. If USA is offering 2-3% interest just by holding money in a US account, why would you hold it in a developing markets account where you get 0.5% or so if you have the option to not do that? Hence huge currency outflows, as is visible with the Argentina crisis, Turkey crisis – all due to US interest rate policy.

  2. Alot of impatient people selling. Buy !

  3. Max is totally right I actually agree with him and he provides really good stuff

  4. The market is getting crushed


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