Cryptocurrency Industry Carries on To Rise, G20 Meeting Summary, Ripple Saudi Bank Partnership 03/21



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G20 summary:
G20 closing assertion:
American cryptocurrency inhabitants study:
Coinbase absolutely utilizing segwit:
Icon Airdrop:
Nano roadmap:
Ripple saudi bank:

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  1. I read that article too. However, I live in a very busy area of NY, next to NYC and I have posted on Facebook if anyone is HODLing Crypto in January, no-one knew what I meant. I got lots of questions, but no-one holding. Then, I tried further. I’m a physician and see about 30-40 patients daily. For the past 2 months I’ve thrown it out there to patients (average age 40-50) by saying things like “Narcolepsy is like Bitcoin, many of us heard about it but not many know what it is.” Out of 1000+ educated patients and > 800 Fb friends only one patient ever responded by answering “Yes, I’m HODLing onto about $3k in Bitcoin” and showed me his Coinbase. So the good news is …. we got a loonnngg way to go here in the US, which means a lot more potential!

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  3. Great vids Louis, thanks

  4. I respect your knowledge and views.

  5. Hey Louie, as a Brit, what do you find it the best way to convert GBP to BTC? The options I have found aren't the cheapest.

  6. Louie I love you youtube channel more than regular news thank you 🙏🏽

  7. Louie or Louis, I really appreciate your news updates on the Crypto front. Good work.

  8. VISA is blocking my buying of crypto coins …. aggressive war against crypto

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  12. If more banks were to sell crypto, that is how I see it being adopted by the mass population. As of now, it is a pretty big learning curve to get into. Most people don't have the time or the drive to want to learn. Or simply don't grasp the potential of this technology, IMO.

  13. Where's Louie? 😂 haha jk. 👍

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  15. First! Great Channel.


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