NCASH is a WINNER – Ncash Critique – AMAZON for Cryptocurrency? Nucleus Vision 2018.



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As requested, I am going to dive into NCASH and give you the scoop on what it is and why I assume it is really a wonderful investment if you are into technologies like Amazon and Google. Test it out!

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  1. I just got a position today.

  2. I can't understand why everyone is so excited in Nucleus Vision as far as investing in the token. Why will the token increase in value? Whats the advantage over just giving people typical rewards? Retail stores want reward points that only work in their store. Why would they want people to be able to use Ncash on their competitors as well. Does you average consumer want Ncash, which will be subject to volitility? The real problem with retail stores is their lousy inventory is always missing your size. You mention homedepot. The problem with homedepot is they don't even have enough employees to help you. I worked there before and customers complain constantly about how nobody is around to help them lol. The company itself my be successful but Ncash itself is pretty bogus me to invest in longterm. I'm already sick of saying "no thanks, just looking." every time I enter a store.

  3. Thanks for this

  4. Not to mention the security aplacation for government buildings and airports this is huge in the big picture.

  5. What the heck buy 10,000 and in 5 years maybe it'll be $100/share 😎

  6. This kind of goes against the reason why crypto was invented. People want privacy and this is big brother on steroids.. Hell why don't ya just go through my underwear drawer and call it a day?? Lol… Profits be damned, ill pass on this one….

  7. One problem. Malls and stores are dying… most people shop online. I havet been to a store in a while. I use amazon


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