CES2018 VLOG #2 Why are we going? Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, IoT, Ai, Machine Deep Learning



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BBT Carter explains why we are going out to CES2018 on the drive to the airport. 100k+ industry folks come out to CES each year and as their tagline states “This is where business gets done” … well if that’s the case, BBT wants to be out there to find out the status of where the industry is going in tech in general but to see and hear the cross sections of cryptocurrency, blockchain, IoT, Ai and Machine Deep Learning, all elements of industry disruption.

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  1. Dude, you're killin it! 😀

  2. Where is Mr. BBT? It's been 23 hours from this video and we are here eager to hear what you came up with. Make some live videos from there, pls. 🙂

  3. Maybe ask to asus/msi/gigabyte/asrock if the are going to make motherboard like this:

    Also for the gpu side, maybe mining card with a good price and optimized for mining, i mean with the right timings on the vram / right memory type. There is not point buying the mining card at the moment, price are too high

  4. Thanks for representing us carter!!!

  5. goood work man….thnax

  6. man do you know that currency's like ripple and IOTA serve us nothing, you know that right !!!!

  7. please tell nvidia about the cheap manufacturers destroying their reputation such as manli

  8. BBT: Were the ''tensor cores'' on the Titan V used to enhance mining ???
    IF so, will the gaming GTX cards have these do you think ? If not, will that
    cut a lot of the price off ?

  9. good video..but I still think you are ignoring the fact that 80% of the people that get into mining dont ever care about all those dets and inside about what is mining and adding value to the b chain. They only care about making a good buck and expeculating and dont include myself in that 80% but its the reality and you can't ignore it.

  10. Gamer's nexus just posted video with a new gigabyte lga1151 mining motherboard x12 card from CES

  11. Carter, Would love if you bump into an AMD rep to know when they'll be releasing their updated >8GPU blockchain driver….

  12. I'd like to see Microsoft make a Windows 10 specific for miners. A discounted version that has less bloat and better management features, and installs quickly. Also AMD needs to make the Wattman a lot less laggy and able to change settings on multiple cards at once, and able to save a global profile for all cards not just single cards, and a view that shows all cards at once. They also could improve the changing from graphics to compute, instead of one card at a time it would be nice to be able to do all cards at once.

  13. love what your doing

  14. Have a referral system.The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0002 PTS. The income starts normally be displayed only on the second day. You can withdraw to the QIWI Wallet without interest! Unlike nicehash takes slow computers and the money can be withdrawn at the moment when you need it at high rate and without interest, and not wait for 0,1 BTC for many months. Higher than the yield shown in the program, especially in the first two days.

  15. Hi Carter, just please ask them if they planning to work on and release more effective (mhs) components for our mining sources for the growing of cryptocurrency

  16. Great ideas…
    I like to see that.
    good work thanks so much!

  17. Hey guys, so after Bittrex and Binance, Kucoin will also (in around 1 week) temporarily disable new user registrations. Don't ask how or why I know just thank me by using my refcode: E3yaMu

    So if you still don't have a Kucoin account, make one, or you will miss all the moon missions, because they list all the big gainers first.

  18. One question I would like to ask AMD is if RAM speed affects the performance of HBCC. Also ask about HBCC scale. i.e. how many GPUs can be run from 8GB before moving higher.

  19. Looking forward to hear from you after that buddy. Have a nice trip.

  20. Wow background music now! You guys are stepping up your videos!

  21. Great video, I love the vlog style videos.

  22. As much as i like this channel the vlog and drive disturb me a lot.

  23. Who wouldn't want be at CES? My dog would even love it!😂😂

  24. Hi Buddy….just curious what is your opinion when Ethereum swicthing from P.O.W to P.O.S. How its gonna effect to other mineable coins and especially future of miners?

  25. what car are you driveing?

  26. You're awesome man! Completely different channel than anything else out there. THE BEST.


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