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Is Forex Entourage Legit?



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You are trying to make money online as fast as you can and you heard how powerful trading forex is. It’s also very risky, so when you heard about Forex Entourage, you felt safe.

They promise to teach you all you need to know to be successful trading, a signal software that sends signals that are 80% profitable and there is even an MLM component so you can make additional money.

This video will tell you the real deal and each review will give you an alternative solution to making money online in a RELATIVELY short period of time.


  1. Wealthy Affiliates at it again. Fake reviews of other products just to advertise your other program

  2. Forex Entourage is an MLM marketing scam. The people running it are not market experts and they purposefully seek out those who have no clue of FOREX or the markets. All "results" are faked and the "testimonials" are to get people to sign up as a downstream MLM victim. Think about it, if they could do so well in the markets, why do they need an MLM to make money? Just use the signals and clean up. There are videos of the owners and it is obvious they are a joke.


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