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Mql4 Lesson 39 Controlling Strategy Tester Speed



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This mql4 tutorial is all about that aggravating problem about how Metatrader’s strategy tester either wants to run at lightening speed or at snail speed and nothing in between… hope you enjoy it… PipPip..Jimdandy


  1. Hi Jim, thanks for all the the great information you´ve been providing. Your videos have been a tremendous help, as i´m initiating in mql4. I incorporated your code in an ea that ím testing but the Comment (TimeCurrent()) displays a long number, not a date nor time. Is it something to do with the historical data or am I doing something wrong? cheers

  2. This is GENIUS!

  3. I like all your similes for going slow; slow as molasses, granny gear etc. lol
    One thing I noticed is that, as loop is in the tick function, bars with more ticks take longer to process than bars with fewer ticks, which is interesting.
    Also, there is a bool, IsVisualMode() that will tell you if the EA's running in visual mode in strategy tester.
    One final thing, this is the first I've seen of enum. Is it useful for anything else other than drop down parameter options on your inputs?  Thanks Jim

  4. Thanks for the useful video!

    However, I am using Comment to display other info on my EA. What other code can I use instead of Comment?


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