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How and When To Trade Craze Reversals Like AUD/USD’s, Gold’s, SPX’s (Brief Take Video)



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• Contacting a meaningful transform – wherever there is a important go in an opposing course – is one of the least expensive likelihood trades
• Different chance tolerances enable for unique levels of affirmation and conviction but consecutive sequence by yourself is not plenty of
• We acquire a appear at the amazing runs from the AUD/USD, Gold and the S&P 500 with their differences and similarities

See how retail traders are positioning in AUD/USD, Gold, the S&P 500 and other currencies, indicies, commodities and Bitcoin utilizing the DailyFX speculative positioning information on the sentiment web page. (

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  1. John, that's exactly what I needed to hear. "• Calling a meaningful turn – where there is a significant move in an opposing direction – is one of the lowest probability trades" is me in a nutshell; and that's even after 9 years of trying to make money by trading various instruments and failing. Except last year — it was my first year ever where I ended the year with a trading profit. 🙂 And I have to credit DailyFX and specifically your balanced and conservative classes, although my timeframe for trades tends to be shorter than yours, trying for 20-30 pips per trade (scalping/daytrading) just to reduce my exposure to wacky moves. I was thinking the very thing you talked about here… will this be a trend change downward on AUDUSD? I need to learn more about the fundamentals involved, I think. It's a very hard business to be successful in consistently. I'm finding that scalping smaller amounts is 'safer' emotionally for me than trying to ride longer term trends. It is so hard to leave a winning position on or add to it over a longer period, but I'm learning!


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