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Will we listen to the ideal cryptocurrency financial commitment idea at any time since it might assist us find which blockchain the large on-line empire of films for grownups has decided on to deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds and viewers into with We get all of the evidence of the validity of this chance right here from the trademark submitting to the web-site, information tales, ICO start, and which electronic forex will gain the most from this in the links beneath.

Surprisingly pretty much no a person has caught onto this still but shortly the speculators and buyers will be hurrying to seize up all of the Steem readily available since of not just this a person electronic media empire going all in on Steem but those people that will follow. is in the best situation for massive results on the Steem blockchain which is possible to catch the attention of far more of the prime media corporations in the world to wager on a intelligent media token as a result of Steem. With no costs on transactions and massive apps needing to maintain Steem for bandwidth, our price tag prediction is seeing large purchase ins of Steem boosting the price tag 10x inside the upcoming number of months and hundreds of instances as hundreds of thousands of new people pour in.

Inside of a number of many years, Steem is possible to have far more wallets than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin put together which will then thoroughly elminate the will need to use any of these companies. Exchanges will incorporate immediate USD/Steem conversions and Steem will acquire around as #one cryptocurrency indefinitely.

Will you be part of us now although the price tag is below $two now since this is the financial commitment chance of a lifetime? We can either find out to purchase in and get assist at or get assist as a lifetime spouse at

Additional examining?
Sensible Media Tokens are a new way for publishers to monetize their on-line written content and local community, primarily based on fight-tested Steem blockchain know-how.

Steem and Steem Dollar price tag now!’s web site has four articles detailing far more at

Vicecoin’s wallet on Steem

@taskmaster4450 was the to start with to inform me about this at our Steem meetup yesterday in Orlando Florida

@bryan-imhoff on Steem writes about at

Validate the trademark revealed at

Look at my wallet on Steem at

Leading Steem witness @netuoso shares Vice’s announcement at Vice Announces It Is Having Into Sensible Media Tokens

@fknmayhem states is Revolutionizing the On the web Grownup Streaming Sector with a Steem Sensible Media Token at

@julienbh talks about the SMT token for grownups at

Exyle explains in a movie on YouTube at

ViceToken has a Twitter account with far more links at

Cryptoninjas explains far more at

ICOExaminer states “Blockchain Gets Steemy as VIT Prepares for ICO” at

Read far more on my web site on Steem at

Thank you for listening to what we hope is the ideal cryptocurrency financial commitment idea at any time! If you uncovered nearly anything practical right here, would you you should go away a like since this will assist far more of us obtain this although we have time to invest?

Jerry Banfield


  1. I'm definetely buying some steem thanks for the advice!

  2. so where do you store your steemit once you buy it?? on or is there some other wallet to keep them in?

  3. thanks for taking your time on this. . So, Im wondering though. Can I buy Steem through the Bittrex exchange or does it need to be purchased through another like "steemit" avenue for me to utilize it best.

  4. Earn free Xrp and All other ALT coins by simply watching videos

  5. are you high

  6. this channel…..seems like cancer

  7. geez dude this video didn't need to be 50 minutes long. half that would have been plenty!

  8. Finally a crypto video , instead of those trash music bullsht videos

  9. No way Jerry

  10. Hi Jerry, I like your vids. I'm glad you are doing crypto shows again. I wish I had 10000 to invest in Steem. If I find anyone who want's to invest big in Steem I'll contact you.

  11. ^ Everything that is wrong with crypto land.. all summed up. Always do your own research, 99 % you tubers are promoting cryptos either for justify their holdings or getting paid like crytobud to hype currencies they dont even believe enough to accept.. all the best!

  12. I've heard some news that Bittrex is locking customer accounts from withdrawal — does this concern you at all?

  13. isn't they are TWO DIFFERENT WEBSITES the only thing that's similar is the name

  14. invest in Crypterium its the next big thing

  15. I subscribed after reading how to get paid to watch porn 😂

  16. ofcourse its steem hahaha..

  17. Jerry, I don't think is related to The domain was actually registered in a Canada a year earlier by an individual not a company. Check the whois. Thanks for all your work!

  18. Figures that the kikes over at VICE would want to endorse pornography, fuck that shit.
    They promote that shit to destroy us, don't be stupid.

  19. Steem pumper haah

  20. Steem man

  21. You shouldve held your Dash Master Node Fam


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