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How to trade the Non-Farm Payrolls. Is it Smart to Trade Currency trading on News Releases?



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Is it erroneous to trade ahead of a main information release? Corvin Codirla, ex-hedge fund manager and trader opinions. Please Assist US. LIKE THIS Video IF YOU Observed IT Helpful! Sadly WE HAVE SOME HATERS ON OUR CHANNEL. Do not Let THEM PREVAIL. Can I Trade Currency trading on News Releases? Is dependent who you are – you either have a model that can model the final result of a information release. When we refer to information release I refer to economic releases that can be quantified as numbers. If you you should not have precise numbers, then you can trade for the duration of the precise new release or right after the information release. Buying and selling right after the information release is possibly better but then will come the timeframe. What does the phrase: Invest in the Rumour – Sell the News refer to in currency trading. Buying and selling the non-farm payrolls – What are non-farm payrolls and why is it crucial?

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  1. Great insight from Corvin here.
    Haters on the channel? Lol, where? Looks like they took their bat and ball and went home six months ago.


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