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JAGfx MT4 – Load Indicators & Template



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In this online video, I am going to display you how to load the custom made indicators and a template on to the MT4 fx investing system.

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Foreign exchange investing is not suitable for anyone. There is a substantial possibility of loss related with investing these marketplaces. Losses can and will take place. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee income or guarantee liberty from losses. No illustration or implication is staying produced that using the information in this document will make income or guarantee liberty from losses. Any trade examples employed are hypothetical only and were ready with the gain of hindsight. No hypothetical investing document can absolutely account for the impact of economic possibility in real reside investing.


  1. Hey Jim, I bought your book from Amazon but MT5 software looks different compare to the one you posted on youtube. Currently, I can't install your indicators. What version should I download to use your indicators? Thank you

  2. hi i bought the book on kindle but didnt get the download – who sends it?

  3. If I buy your ebook throgh, Am I eligible to have your templates and indicators ?

  4. Just bought both of your books and left 5 star reviews on amazon. Hope to have positive results like everyone else on here lol. Cheers my friend coming from Lakeland Florida USA. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. I hope to find a mentor to teach me to become a good forex trader and provider for my family. I am just starting out and would appreciate any tips or tricks or material to read to get started. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Hi Jim! Read your book and just installed all the templates too! Excited to start using the methods you explained!

  6. Hi Jim, i purchased your book last week but it did not come with a cd and i am unsure how to get my chart to its proper settings. Is there a way to get that template?

  7. Thanks Jim – I like it already. It has back tested well so far and I am sure it will keep back testing well. I have a nice feel about the method. I like it simple. Much appreciated.

  8. Hi Jim, Thanks for the video and templates. Installation was a simple as you showed it. Looking forward to having a play! Your book was a great read for a starter like me. Cheers

  9. Okay, I loaded all of the templates. However, I still am not sure how to use them.Do you have another video that will explain how to set them?


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