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Backtesting assortment bar charts on Metatrader four



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This online video demonstrates the way to carry out back again screening of assortment bar charts developed by the Assortment Bar Plug-in for Metatrader4. You can uncover out more by viewing:

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  1. If you BT with custom charts like Renko or CRB or contant volume, please understand that you will get quite significant interpolation errors! The bigger the bar is the larger is your error. I believe MT assumes kinda linear price action within the bar and thus the data you are backtesting is like a rough digital extrapolation of a more complex analog sound…. if that makes any sense… 🙂 google "Metatrader interpolation error" to understand what you're doiing.

  2. Yes, Please visit the link in the description to read more about this topic.

  3. is it possible to backtest M2 chart offline ?

  4. That's incredible! It's simple like that!
    Marvelous trick!
    Thanks a lot!


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