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Quantina Forex News Trader EA v2.three NonFarmPayroll Settings 2014



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Technique Backtest for the very last 2 superior impression information celebration (USANonfarmPayroll) with Quantina Forex NewsTrader EA v2.three

In my server time (GMT+2)
2014.05.02 (It was a excellent sector to trade)
2014.06.06 (It was a extremely bad sector to trade)

New features formulated for various spread broker account especially ECN/STP account.

New Capabilities:

Path_In advance of Split Even Real/Phony .
It hangs trailing until eventually halt moves to split even. If you established it legitimate EA will path in damaging are as well. (Minimize your loss)
InitialSL Benefit in pips. This is your preliminary Quit Decline value in advance of EA start off to path.

Your Original StopLoss will be (SL_Multiplier X True Distribute) , extremely grateful alternative if you have various spread account even on foreign exchange information celebration time. :))

Trailing Quit value will be (SL_Multiplier X True Distribute) X TrailingStopPerecent % ,
Allow say your genuine spread = 6,
SL_Multiplier = 2,
TrailingStopPercent = 50 (it really is signify 50%) ,
So your Trailing Quit = 6 X 2 X 50% = 6 pips.

A lot more details on the web site…..


  1. This video made for represent the settings backtest. I will try to upload real trading videos much as i can. Here is the firs one: , uncutted (sorry)

  2. i want to view real accouth 
    not backtest


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