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RobotFX STOCHASTIC notify indicator will notify you when the Stochastic primary is crossing the signal in the in excess of sold or overbought areas. In other text, we don’t treatment how lots of bogus crosses can happen amongst twenty and eighty amounts. We only treatment when the cross comes about higher than eighty or underneath twenty. This is a pretty practical indicator for all those that are using Stochastic to location the entries.

The indicator can send out press notifications, screen notify and emails and, of system, you have the alternative to customise the Stochastic, like the amounts. To capture the pretty substantial/lower of a move, I for case in point favor the signals higher than eighty five and underneath fifteen. There is also an alternative to choose whether or not the pattern is up or down. If you set pattern down to phony, you will get only buy signals – crosses underneath stage twenty.
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  1. how do i sort it so it just gives signals fro cross over above 80 bellow 20? at the moment its giving signals bout 2 min after the cross over has happend and giving signals on cross overs in the centre off the stochastic

  2. where can I get this


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