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  1. thanks for the information! I am currently 35 yrs old, Canadian citzen. I have 15k saved up now and want to open a tfsa and I am able to save the yearly contribution amount to add to a tfsa yearly. A 70 yr old golfing buddy of mine recommends I dump that 15k into a tfsa and buy only Canadian banks that pay a dividend…and he told me to only buy Canadian banks every year with my contribution…he says if I do that then I will be laughing by the time I'm 60-65. I love the simplicity of this investing advice but I am wondering if it is the smartest most affective way to growth my nest egg…..should I be taking more risk? or is this a good plan? personally I will never be married, or have kids or will I ever mortgage a house….do you see a better plan for my money knowing these details…..any advice would be mutch appreciated……thanks for the videos! cheers


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