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*Significant* Gap Buying and selling Opportunity on Crude Oil WITH Forex Rate Motion Signal!



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In this video clip I clearly show a dwell trade on the British isles crude oil marketplace (Brent crude).

A substantial hole shaped following the weekend paused which produced a good ‘gap fill’ buying and selling chance which was assist by a value action sign.

Watch the video clip to see how the trade turned out, and how you can use value action, marketplace composition, and candlestick styles to income from potential value movements.


  1. You were trying to save a few pips with your retracement but you would have gotten tons if your trade got filled. The way I see it, the profit from this trade would have covered the saved few pips of around 100 other trades.

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  4. West Texas intermediary ….WTI….

  5. Hi Dale, I am trying to sign up for your program. I just had some question i emailed it to you and i have not gotten an answer. Can you email me, I am very interested in signing up (

  6. The "I" in WTI actually stands for "intermediate" 🙂

    Great videos Dale, thanks for sharing!

  7. What is the point making speech from last week action?


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