Metatrader 4

How to modify the Purchase to Market order Vice-versa in MT4 (utilizing Atom Resource)



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Observe: this software is built for academic goal only
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will work on any MT4


  1. 感謝你們對我的幫助

  2. first i though this is an impossible scam software later when i used it i surprised to see this happens like a dream,i purchased & used this software as a trial to my orders which are 2 months old,and closed them in profit by changing order types,i didnt expected these type of atom tool MT4 softwares would exist in forex trading,really appreciate for this atom tool for MT4,but i hated for one thing regarding this atom tool was it works only on particular times like EUR session and US sessions and without the seller signal we shouldnt use this software to avoid our forex account from termination,i use forex robots in trading usually but for this atom tool i have to stay infront of the system on those sessions,the original working principle was unknown and surprising,i am thinking these designers are related to Meta Quotes because only these type of professional designing is possible for these organisations only,finally thanks for the software

  3. this atom tool is easy to use but we have to wait for the signal from the seller sends in whatsapp,bought this software 2 days back but till now i received only one signal,of course the broker may terminate our forex account if we use without the seller signal but i am very curious for the next signal,i used to trade on gold and silver only with low lot size,when i receive the first signal i placed big order with big lot size and i am forced to close the order on +9 pips buy the seller at a particular time told by the seller which will be like 5 r 6 minutes only
    takeprofit and stoploss should not placed to avoid broker detection of using the atom tool,thanks for this good software next time when i recieve the signal i will cover my whole principle amount with a single order using this atom tool

  4. Very good software at first i didnt used the software with careful precautions and my broker terminated my account for using this software atom tool when i made nearly half a million with 5 lot with medium and later i opened a different account,invested and took some training from the atom tool support and i covered everything easily
    i really appreciate this software atom tool for the forex losers like me because i lost lots of lots of lots of money in forex


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