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Lately, the forex market has witnessed plenty of radical developments compared to previous years. According to a recent survey, the global Forex market trading currently stands at approximately at $ 1.93 quadrillion. Thankfully an upsurge of online brokers creates a fertile ground for the industry to thrive.  For instance, a visit to online financial sites reveals a whole load of adverts from brokers.

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However, like any other business, when an industry broadens, competition follows suit. When this happens, it can be a significant challenge for traders to find the best forex brokers for their business. Keep following as we guide you on how to check if you are dealing with a genuine broker.

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  1. Account Features

Account details differ from one broker to another. Nonetheless, take time to check the essential features below:

  • Easy Withdrawals and Deposits

Depending on your broker’s preference, you can make deposits and withdrawals through PayPal, credit card, bank check, wire transfer, and others. Bear in mind that brokers charge their clients for any of these services. Before signing up with any forex trade, check on the transaction efficiency, promptness, and openness.

  • Spreads and Commissions

While some brokers charge commissions, others may give a no commission offer to their clients. Brokers who take commissions may also charge a specific amount of the spread. The spread can be a fixed amount or changeable depending on the current market performance. Altogether, forex brokers with broader spread struggle in making impressive profits which can be detrimental to the trader’s input.

  • Margin and Leverage

Most forex brokers offer leverage in the trader’s margin account. For instance, 100:1 indicates that the trader takes a position valued at $100,000. Although leverage works in the trade’s favor, use it with caution because chances of making losses are more enhanced.

  • Opening Deposit

Some forex brokers charge as little as $50 when opening a forex account. A reliable forex broker should offer varying deposits like mini, micro, or standard.

  1. Customer Support

Your broker should be available when you need them most. Whether deep in the night or early in the morning, dependable forex brokers should offer a 24/7 service to their clients. After all, full-time availability depicts commitment and eagerness to meet client’s expectations. It can be an added advantage if brokers offer numerous ways to contact them. Unfortunately, some brokers use the LiveChat feature to engage their customers.

For this reason, make a test call to a potential broker and find out how they respond. Do not forget to inquire about deposits and how fast you can request for withdrawals. However, if every call always leads to a robot, move to the next.

  1. Broker Reputation

Flashy online sites do not always translate to reliability and a positive reputation. Instead, an upright broker should be straightforward and trustworthy in their operations. It is prudent to seek referrals with previously satisfied traders to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

In addition, check if they are registered in regulatory organizations or trading commissions. This approach helps in regulating option markets and commodity futures. All in all, confirm the integrity of a broker and if they are suitably regulated before opening an account.

  1. Trading Platforms

A trading platform acts as the investor’s threshold to the forex market. As a result, ensure that a broker’s platform meets both your technical and fundamental needs. Additionally, check the broker’s software efficiency and ease of use. For instance, how complicated is it to enter and exit your trades? Given that the market floods with enhanced technology platforms ensure that you settle on an option with minimal hiccups.

Besides, a high-quality trading interface should have sell and clear buy buttons or panic buttons that shut open positions. On the flip side, poorly designed platforms may result in costly data entry errors. Other than that, check on the trading alerts, strategy builders, automatic trading options, order entry options, and customization options.

Luckily, some forex brokers provide free demos to interested traders. In the process, one can try out some procedures like funding and opening accounts. If a trading platform fails to captivate you at this level, seek an alternative before opening an account.

  1. Forex Pairs Offered

The Forex market offers a whole load of currencies for trading purposes. Unfortunately, only a handful manages to create attention or trade with enhanced liquidity. It is common for forex brokers to use numerous forex pairs to entice more clients. Therefore, take caution and research on optimal pairs that bear fruits.


In a Forex market full of attractive offers, picking the very best for your business can be a nightmare. Still, you can make the process less complicated by making wise forex strategies and deeply analyzing a forex broker before trading with them. Ultimately, research increases investor’s success rate in the competitive industry. Follow well- thought tips above and enjoy a rewarding experience in the Forex market.

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