How to Download MT4 Historical Forex Data: MetaTrader 4 Tutorial

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You may not be seeing all of the Forex historical data that is available and that can be a bad thing. Get clean, Daylight Savings Time adjusted MT4 data here:

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Think of it, if you are only seeing part of the data, you may be missing previous support and resistance points, price gaps and more.

This Metatrader 4 tutorial that will show you how to download additional historical Forex data for automated backtesting and price action trading. MT4 will typically download about 120 months of data, but when you manually download data, you can get 500 months or more, depending on the currency pair.

You can download this data in the History Center. Keep in mind that the historical data you download will be specific to your broker.

This trading software demo will only take four minutes and it can help you from making costly mistakes when trading Forex.

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