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Forex stands for foreign currency exchange and it’s a marketplace where world’s currencies are traded. The size of this marketplace for one day trade is more than 5 trillion US dollars and its trading volume is greater than all the stock market exchanges in the world. Also, it provides the highest amount of liquidity where anyone can buy or sell any amount of world currencies.

Simulating forex application

It is a kind of application developed to help novice traders to learn currency trading where they can simulate market conditions, creating an impression of a live trading session. Here learners can open, modify and close the orders as it happens in the real world forex trade. Simulated Forex trading helps to practice and increase trading performance without any risk. It helps to gain experience, practice trading, and familiarise yourself with forex applications.

Get smarter with Simulating Forex Apps

The risk associated with foreign currency exchange is very minimal as compared to the equity market but still as beginners one should not start trading without getting proper knowledge. A simulating forex app has the following features that can benefit an individual gaining hand on experience without risking his hard earned money.

1). Real Market Environment : A live pricing feed provided by simulating forex application gives you the exposure to a real market environment where you evaluate your trades effectively.

2). Demo Deposit Amounts : Simulating with a forex application provides you with demo deposit amounts, when you’re ready to practice with a demo account. This amount is also known as the paper amount that you can expect to use for live trade for learning purposes.

A demo account helps you in forex currency trading in two effective ways. One is you get the opportunity to know about the software application/program and its various tools available. Second one, you can easily test and develop as many strategies as possible. Always remember to add stop loss, take profit and margin levels in your strategies.

3). Advanced Platforms : It’s necessary to have an advanced simulating forex applications even when you’re practising with a demo account. The reason behind this is that the most user-friendly interface applications won’t give you all the features that you may need to practice and perform better. But an advanced platform helps you in the long term by saving your time. If your goal is not to practice/trade on a day to day basis, advanced forex applications are not mandatory. Either you choose a basic one or an advanced one simulating forex app, you can easily test your strategies manually by analysing the results or by analysing historical data.

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