Fx Trader Job interview: Buying and selling the News, Mini-Flash Crashes and Gaps ⚡

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What are your favourite foreign exchange pairs at the instant. I like the AUD/NZD. That particular tends to stay away from any key European or United states news. The volatility is a little bit uninteresting but if you can get onboard a fantastic craze this is the variety pair in which you can leave factors alone. I quite like the Yen and Swissie. I don’t normally trade the news but do observe the market place response to the news. If I’m in a trade in which significant effect news it will be dependent if I can get the prevent reduction moved to breakeven.

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  1. great interviews with this guy,loved it. it's great getting traders perspectives like that,this would help the newby trader more than anything,just to get a perspective on the markets.

  2. I think he should have mentioned he trades on the day charts with regards to not worrying about wknd gaps.

  3. Seems this chap hates volitility, lol.

  4. great information thanks

  5. EURO – requires deep grasp of what's moving the entire US Dollar Index because EURO is more than 50% of the the currency basket which are weighted against the USD Index.

    AUD – as a commodity currency, it is very much relative and sensitive to China-related macro story thus most of the time apathetic to US events.

    NZD – moves like the AUD (dairy data sensitive )

    CAD – commodity currency – a petro-currency

    JPY crosses – a carry trade and as a safe haven currency during risk off conditions (interest rate differential).

    CHF – safe haven (interest rate differential).

    All in all,currency trading is an interplay of fiscal and monetary policy dynamics and geopolitics. A granular approach would be to look into details of interest rate differentials (be tedious with central bank's forward guidance stance), current account surplus/deficits, trade surplus/deficits, money supply, inflation, labor-related data, etc.etc. Put it simply – fx is all about the GOVERNMENT and its CENTRAL BANK and their influence in the GLOBAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY.

  6. GBPAUD GBPNZD AUDNZD are the best in patterns specially on larger time frames

  7. Great series . Makes me a proud Australian to have a boring currency . Please do more interviews like this . It was great to watch them . Keep them coming ,

  8. So it’s AUD/NZD?


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