Fx: Leading two Finest Indicators / How to use them properly

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  1. Just recently joined the EAP program and I am really impressed. Before looking into this I attended a 3 day "professional" training for £2500 and didnt learn anywhere near what Steve is teaching with his program. Cant recommend this enough!

  2. Forex trading should be transparent I’ll always leverage on the service offered by Expert in trading,I invest with a financial advisor to earn and achieve the best

  3. Thank you

  4. Hello teacher help us the period of RSI you are using here?

  5. Please do a video on how to set a stop loss and take profit

  6. I feel like these indicators are just establishing ranges which can be seen on the chart. Any indicator I've seen is like this. It tells you things that the chart already tells you. The only indicator that I know that predicts levels of response is tue Fibonacci retracement indicator. But even that isn't reliable. It's a good indicator to pull out after the fact to say oh wow, would you look at that. Sometimes. Quite often actually but not enough for me. It's the pools of liquidity that cause stalling or reactions.

  7. I've only been studying and demo trading for about a year and a half but I can't wrap my head around indicators. It just tells you what you can already see on the chart. The whole over bought over sold thing I'm not sure of though. How can an indicator know this? How does it know if an institution is planning on dumping a ton of liquidity into the market at any specific price point? I'm nowhere as knowledgeable as you but I'm convinced that everything is driven by liquidity and recognizing liquidity in the chart and becoming familiar with certain price relationships is the key.

  8. Hi my name is Elvis from South africa, so much in love with forex trading and would like to thank you for sharing your experience with us and keep up✊

  9. Steven, your intro to this video is EXACTLY what success in life is all about, trading included. Fantastic wisdom!

  10. minute 5:00 hey, buddy, are you sure this 'double top' doesn't breach your own rules on what sort of pattern qualifies as Double Top?!

  11. A double top which was tapped above just to blow people's buy stops, think about it. Is it really a resistance?

  12. Cool stuff

  13. thumbs up for this

  14. ATR is an excellent indicator. Best used for money and risk management. 2 problems with the RSI. It is was constructed for the stock market and not really good for FOREX. 2nd going back, I only see 2 trades going short. Maybe you could have got a long position. Where as I see many oppurtunities in the middle that can be exploited by using the AROON indicator and a moving average. Those two indicators would give you ten times the possibility of making money!

  15. people watch bullshit more than good things and blame the world that their life is fucking hell.. 99% fail because of their habits, learning process, they dont wanna learn, they want and want without work

  16. 2:30

  17. I trade with AMarkets and I’m satisfied with everything. If you afraid smth just trade in demo. It’s free at all 🙂


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