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Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10 is the best because it is designed to trade with banks. Banks are always profitable and therefore V10 is profitable always as well. V10 utilizes hidden trailing, stop losses and auto adjusts your risk by a given % you provide into it’s settings.

It also incorporates a highly developed news filter for filtering out high impact, low impact, medium impact, public speakings and holidays to ensure you do not trade in high risk conditions. The v10 strategy is based on volume/volatility in which it reads thousands of ticks of data during a breakout of price. While reading this data it calculates the amount of volume that is only provided by high net worth investors like banks, hedge funds and high net worth individuals.

During a engulfing candlestick in the market, One of two things are happening: Banks, hedge fund traders or high net worth individuals are inputting massive amounts of volume into the market or there was a high impact news release or some economic data released that caused the value of the currency to change rapidly. When the market moves on economic data, it’s typically by algorithms from banks adjusting the prices.

Assar will identify this breakout of the average price and quickly calculate the volume by reading the ticks in the market. When it gets a signal it’s typically reading very particular bank volume or high impact volume from institutions of some sort. So we are trading with the banks and brokers and hedge funds and high net worth individuals. When we trade along side of the best trades in the world, we have no option but to make profits. The banks and big investors have full control over the markets. This is why they can profit so easily. Imagine if you were to know their strategies? Imagine if you could trade exactly as they do? This is where the series of Assar forex robots comes in.

Please visit the following link to understand more about how this strategy works. You should understand this before you use our software. If not, then you will constantly be frustrated and waiting without any understanding.

So i suggest you start to understand. Also, Don’t forget to have fun! Learning is amazing and you will feel better with your new found wisdom and knowledge. You will also be able to put that newly found knowledge to work for you to make massive amounts of cash every month for the rest of your life.


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