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If you are new to Forex or been around a while I’m sure you’ve heard of Forex Signals by now. They are usually advertised as a way to copy & paste or “earn while you learn” etc etc. In this video we will discuss the TRUTH about Forex Signals, and how to use them most effectively. We will also answer questions like: Has this signal executed yet? Is it too late to get in the trade? How much will I make from this Signal? and many more.

I will also demonstrate how to analyze a Signal that was live and current while shooting this video. Should be a great learning experience!!!

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All information in these video tutorials are for educational purposes only and are not intended to provide financial advice. Trading Forex can be very profitable, but you can also lose all of your capital if you do not apply proper risk management to control your losses. Your experiences in the market may also differ from others based on the Broker you decide to participate with. The idea is to win more trades than you lose, but more than likely traders will incur losses on the market. Traders can minimize exposure to risk by using proper risk management procedures.

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