Fibonacci Retracement's | CC Video 7 | Institutional Smart Money Forex Technical Analysis Explained

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A long awaited New Confirmation Checklist Video !!! By no means do you have to search for 7 different confirmations to enter a high probability trade, but this was a much requested video! Fibonacci Retracement’s are widley used across the forex space, and also is a natural mathematical pattern found in nature and around the universe. Applying this to Technical Anaylsis allows us to find high probable support/resistance areas to catch a continuation of a trend. From a Smart Money Standpoint they fall to the end of my confirmations since it lines up with Institutional Order Flow at the end of the day. Once you study these retracement’s for a while you can see them in the markets as second nature. From here on i’ll focus on really simplifying these confirmations as simple as possible, but having more confirmations is never a bad thing. Hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated on new forex content!

DISCLOSURE: I Am Not a Financial Advisor. The Ideas Presented in this Video are Personal Opinions and for Entertainment Purposes Only. You (and only You) are Responsible for the Financial Decisions That You Make. Off-Exchange Foreign Currency Trading on Margin Carries A High Level of Risk & May Not Be Suitable For All Investors. The High Degree Of Leverage Can Work Against You as Well as For You.


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