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Oussama (Fx220 Founder) is an Qualified Foreign exchange Trader and Mentor educated by a Professional Institutional Trader/Mentor, Equiped with Stable expertise about Market Conduct/Psychology and Market Maker Strategies, The two Specialized and Essential assessment on Larger sized/Smaller sized timeframes. With the target to help improve the mentality of retail traders and that were bombarded with false and garbage data and Education about Foreign exchange Buying and selling. And rework them into Phenomenal Worthwhile Traders!

What would most retail currency trading traders and mentors inform you?
Trade one% of your account, have a one:three Threat/Reward ratio and you will nevertheless make cash if you have a 32% successful tactic, HAHA You would have to have a $2,000,000 account to see substantial returns…

No one Teaches you how to have a ninety-100% ITM Successful ratio, By mastering Basic efffective tactics dependent on actual confluences and confirmations from the Marketplaces to have Exact entries, And make actual returns (Substantial six to seven figures annually) investing the Foreign exchange Market. And that is what we do listed here on FX220 !!

ninety five% of Foreign exchange Traders Reduce Revenue
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  1. hi! what's the time frame?

  2. Some people are overly confident, don't understand, each investment is still full of uncertainty

  3. hi can someone please tell me how I change the background colour to the same settings as you have, I want the different sessions to be a different colour


  4. I finally understand what he was saying by making this mistake!
    NEVER trade near the key levels!!

  5. Very wise!

  6. If you are a day trader, how many times should you trade in a day?
    I only have one or two setups a day, and it’s hard for me to make money…

  7. Which trading platform is this? It looks beautiful even with sessions coloured.

  8. Hi there, im a fan of your work. Can i know regarading your time base line. The 3 colume of time, what time do you set to get the 3 nice colume. Because mine i set 4 market time that is NY,Sydney,Asian and London but it came out to have a huge gap in the middle. Kindly advise me thank you.

  9. i got nothing from this … the half was all what nit to do at the nearing end … nearing end one ..one tip filled with lines and curves being scratched on the charts . show us a true example bro.. guess Im plain too dumb to understand

  10. Great content but that's a bold claim , banks would pay you millions

  11. NEVER loose again? Lmao

  12. Guys i wanna know to do ths business pls i need help

  13. Nice tip. Thanks

  14. I’m a newbie but was wondering if you can do a video on SL TP? Love your videos

  15. I dont why I m thinking you are moroccan trader !!!

  16. Can we chat on whatsapp??

  17. Can i send money from skrill to skrill without verification??!

  18. r u update only vedios no use peoples if you creat a telegram chanel send me signals help of peoples

  19. Clear and concise explanation for a beginner like me.. am subscribing now

  20. thanks for this, keep uploading


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