Currency trading Trading | Here’s Why You Should not Use Indicators!

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In this months YouTube episode Mark discusses a person of the most common subjects and often requested inquiries in Currency trading sign products and services, and how they are keeping you again from getting to be productive in buying and selling.

We hope you appreciate today’s episode and a swift reminder that all through December we will be accomplishing two uploads for each week on a Tuesday and Friday at 7PM GMT.

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  1. I've used many signals providers over the years, we will never learn from them like you say, also most start off well them turn bad.

  2. I’ve joined 2 free signal chats and 1 paid signal chat. I tested the free chats on my demo account for 1 month and saw great results, which gave me confidence to switch to my live account. The paid signal service has allowed me to double my account in 2 months. I am learning how to be independent while receiving signals, and the goal is to be completely independent in 3 months!

  3. I have in my first few years.

  4. Short answer: signal is a no no

  5. Great advise

  6. Early stage i joined 2 signal services and the 2 services went draw down and they told me the same thing… "so far this year the first drawdown happened this is the part of business"… then i realized this is not my cup of team… never look around… just build you are own strategy(shoul have edge over the marcket for long run) … and stick to your plan for long run that is going to be the real holygrail….

  7. Great video Mark I'm following your advice and your view on trading is really impressive, simple but really effective, I will probably invest in your course in the coming weeks! Keep it up!


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