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level -10-50-100

Please practice in demo account first ,good luck
Okay when you gets any strategy you must understand the combination and how it detects market trend reversals…..

Okay with this strategy RSI and Moving averages used to help us get signals for trend reversals

The reason they used RSI is to get the overbought and oversold momentum of the market, so the strategy has 90 (strongly sell) ,50 (wait) and 10 (strongly buy)

so the moving averages will measure the markets momentum,so when all moving averages meet up and bend at level 90 we sell provided where they all bend at stronly sell coz thats where the market is overbought and also do the same with level 10 (oversold point) we buy

The MA200 (red) is used as support and resistance for when the market is at level 50 (wait) so you can either sell or buy as the other moving averages bounce off on MA200

i hope you will understand just apply the setup and look through your charts ,everything will be clear



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