Basic Guide Metatrader 4 Mobile Metatrader 5 Mobile. Tutorial MT4 & MT5 in Forex. IOS app Beginners

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I will give you a basic introduction about mt4 and mt5 mobile trading platform.
Metatrader 5 is a mobile trading platform that allows you to trade on the go.
It is one of the most used trading platforms in the forex market if you wish to know more about it.
I have added a video on it you can check it out by clicking the I button’

00:22 – Basic Guide Metatrader 4 Mobile
00:27 – How to add currency pair in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
00:59 – how to pen chart of currency pair in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
01:05 – How to change time frame in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
01:13 – How to check account balance in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
01:27 – How to open a trade in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
01:50 – How to add indicators in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
02:22 – How to add object in mt4 and mt5 mobile app
02:29 – How to change background of the chart in mt4 and mt5 mobile
02:44 – How to add broker in mt4 and mt5 mobile app

Now, let’s go to the MetaTrader5 platform.

So, this is the MetaTrader 5 ios version.
On the screen, you can see the quotes option to the bottom left.
This is the market watchlist section.
Here you will find different currency pairs.
Like eur/usd, usd/jpy etc.
If you need, You can add other currency pairs too.
For that, Go to the plus sign to the top right then you can choose whichever pair you want to add and it will be added to your watchlist section.

To go any of the chart windows, just touch on the currency pair and go to the chart.

Now to the top left, you have the timeframe section by which you can change the timeframe of the chart. And shift between different timeframes.

In the trade option, you can see your account balance, margin, equity, and also the ongoing positions.

Also, you can directly deposit or withdraw money from here itself by touching the top-left icon.

To the right you have a plus sign, from here you can open a buy or sell order as well as set take profit and stop loss.

Now, you can also open trade from the chart window itself, just click on the top-right icon on your screen.
A box will pop up, just enter the lot size there and you can buy or sell from there itself.

Just like the desktop version, you can use the indicators on a smartphone app as well,
To add indicators to your chart touch on the f icon on the top.
Here you can add an indicator to the main window as well as the indicator window.

If you want to add an indicator that is plotted on the chart or let’s say candlesticks you can add it in the main window.

And if you want to add an indicator which follows the price, like RSI. then you will have to add that on the indicator window.

Also, if you want to add an object, you can also do that by clicking the objects option on the top of the screen.

Now if you want to change the background of the chart or the types of chart.
double-tap anywhere on the screen and go to settings.
the screen and go to settings.

From here you can change the chart types.
In colors section you can change the colors of the candles as well as the background.

Finally to add a broker or to login to your account.
Go to settings, click on new account and search for your broker.

So, these ae the things which will help you get started with metatrader 4/5 and forex trading if you are a complete beginner.

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