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The GBPUSD maintains its power. AUD continues to be the weakest

Any one have a good joke?

The foreign exchange market is sitting down there.

At the start off of the NY session the USD % adjustments vs the majors showed:

  • EUR, +.06%
  • GBP, -.47%
  • JPY -.seventeen%
  • CHF, unchanged
  • CAD, -.04%
  • AUD, +.34%
  • NZD, -.03%

The recent snapshot reveals:

  • EUR +.06%, unchanged
  • GBP, -.forty five%, modify +.02%
  • JPY -.12%, modify +.05%
  • CHF, +.04%, modify, +.04%
  • CAD +.03%, modify, +.07%
  • AUD, +.39%, modify +.05%
  • NZD -.12%, modify -.09%

That is not a large amount of movement.

So accepting your best jokes, views, concepts.  Perhaps you want to stick to the market.  

Of study course as I style the EURUSD just moved to one.1149 (from one.1143)… That in by itself (the point I comment on 6 pip move), is a joke….


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