Forex trading Trader: How to Know Accurately Where to Buy and Promote

The ordinary Forex trading Trader will not know the right price tag stages to invest in/sell at any presented time. This movie gives the Forex trading Trader precise price tag stages to observe for entering prolonged or short.

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  2. Sir, also was wondering if you could mentor me and teach me how to invest properly because I’m tired of losing large substantial amounts

  3. Sir, I like the way how you explained the levels in the market and I never knew certain things like that. Now I’m going to implement it on to my trades

  4. Thanks. I'm a beginner. So all of this information is very useful.

  5. this is very helpful

  6. Hmmmm… At about 6 minutes, he mentions his cycle indicator. If I am not mistaken, this is a slightly LAGGING indicator, in that the cycle high or low is not identified until after the pivot candle is closed (and maybe not until the next candle is closed, but I would have to check that.) So with that in mind, his remarks in this video about the pivot lines in confluence with cycle high/low don't make sense for REAL TIME trading, such as to "expect" price either to respect or blow through a line, because it is not possible to "see" which behavior price is doing in real time at the pivot line until AFTER the bar is closed (and possibly not until after the next bar has closed). However, as an example, if you are looking at the 1 hour chart, open up the 15 minute chart and check how its bars that are drawing the bar on the 1 hour chart are behaving as they approach a pivot line.

  7. what's a platform, what's all these lines? I'm so lost.

  8. that is called supply and demand

  9. i will try and learn from it

  10. Can you make good money if this ? Like can you cover your bills and everything of this ?

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  12. very interesting and still useful in 2018 never used these points or heard of them good job

  13. How is that big low not yesterday’s low even if it’s lower than the one you said was yesterday’s low? Cuz it’s higher up than that big spike down

  14. thank you very much for this video even though i dont fully understand it just means i need to be know more about trading as i am still a beginner

  15. Thx again Barry!
    Do you have a Utube on
    Sell limits, Buy Limits,
    Sell Stop and Buy Stop’s

  16. thank you ! because of my english is poor so i just guessing in meaning as if we should enter for short or long base on yesterday close high ,low and take the average price ,and long when the price beyoud YC ,and sell when the price lower the it right ?

  17. I liked it 🙂

  18. Good presentation.

  19. All forex trading theories seems to work there and there. The big question is how to win with that randomness.



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