Gravitas: Russian Rouble surges as Asian currencies slide

Local currencies around the world are losing value against a resurgent dollar. But the Russian Rouble has defied expectations to become the best-performing currency in the world. Palki Sharma tells you how Russia managed this feat. #RussianRouble #Currency #Gravitas About Channel: WION -The World is One News, examines global issues[…]

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SECRET 5 Minute Scalping Strategy With The Highest Win Rate… Very Easy Scalping Trading Strategy

A powerful 5 minute scalping strategy with the highest win rate is explained in this video, which is a very easy scalping trading strategy but very effective and profitable. This 5 minute scalping strategy is based on two indicators, a special version of the moving average and RSI with specifically[…]

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Best Forex Signals – Free Forex Signal Service EURUSD 06/06/2022

Best Forex Signals – Free Forex Signal Service EURUSD 06/06/2022 Buy zone: 1.07216 TP buy zone: 1.07618 SL zone: 1.07048 Support me on: Trading in foreign exchange (“Forex”) on margins entails high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not an indication of future results.[…]

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Is Forex Trading For You? Watch Out For These Warning Signs!

Muktar Mohammed, Capital Market Analyst, spoke to the Global Business Report about the risks and rewards of forex trading. Are investors well-versed in forex trading? Are they properly educated about the pitfalls of trading in currency pairs? Watch this informative video to find out! #MuktarMohammed #forex #gobalbusinessreport #businessnews #rotusoddiri #economy[…]

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How students should choose the right credit card, benefit from it | Mint – Mint

“Credit cards are meant for people who are in a position, and have the intention, to repay the full amount in time,” says Harshad Chetanwala, a Sebi-registered investment adviser and co-founder, MyWealthGrowth. The same advice applies for students–a majority of whom don’t have an independent source of income but are[…]

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