Bankera introduces its Cryptocurrency Exchange System



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Bankera wishes to involve its community in the development approach of its products and solutions. As a result, we want you to check out the demo version of Bankera’s trade system by trading the enjoy coins and permitting us know about any bugs by way of Bankera’s chat or by way of e mail

TOP10 customers to have most WinCoin (Gain) at the conclusion of the contest will obtain bitcoin prizes to their SpectroCoin wallets:

1st location: .five BTC

2nd location: .3 BTC

3rd location: .two BTC

4th location: .15 BTC

fifth location: .1 BTC

6th-10th location: .05 BTC

Also, a leading holder of 1 supplemental coin will obtain .five BTC! This coin X is randomly chosen from TST, PLY, PIL, ALT or Try and its encrypted hash is:


The hash will be decrypted and a randomly chosen token will be discovered at the conclusion of the contest.

Head to the trade the coins, report the bugs and gain large prizes!


  1. bankera a la lunA

  2. spectracoin didnit login today

  3. so when will the contest be over?

  4. best of luck for future ERA bankera love you

  5. Helo bankera.I not understand what hapene exactly after ICO is stop?


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